Why use device management
as device manufacturer?

VPN out of the box
Binary for your Linux
Custom binary for your OS
Extensive toolbox
Also white-labeled
qbee.io gives you a complete device management platform. Resell it or use it as a white-label solution to build your brand. Anyhow the platform is operated by us and will allow you to focus on your key value creation areas.
Accelerate and simplify your proof of concepts.

Just place our agent onto your device, get a customer account and kick-off your POC. Get immediate metrics reporting, remote access with ssh, securely expose any port such as a web server or VNC through the built-in VPN, run security and CVE analysis and utilize the full state-based automation and configuration feature.

Enable remote device development.

Update your application or libraries anywhere. Even behind complex firewalls or NAT.
qbee.io allows you to quickly move your prototypes out into the field without loosing access.

Allow device manufacturers support to access the device for the POC.

If your final customer agrees your support team can have access throughout the POC. This allows quick problem resolution and an insight as to how the customer uses the device. Any access is logged and the manufacturer support can be configured to be read only. Remove the device manufacturer account after the POC or even create a value added service such that you operate the devices as a service.

Immediate performance feedback through metrics.

See what happens on the devices. Catch bandwidth problems or memory leaks early. Check that log file rotation really works.

Allow package updates during a POC.

Maybe your driver has an issue or there needs to be an update to a library. Quickly respond to these type of issues with qbee package management and software update.

Final customer can present a device management strategy to their management or final customer.

With qbee.io all aspects of the device lifecycle can be monitored. Successful IoT projects demand full device management throughout the lifespan of the system. Use our tool to stay ahead of the curve and act proactively if problems arise.