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Device Management helps agriculture robot to reduce herbicides by 95%

The Norwegian company Kilter AS has developed an autonomous agricultural robot named AX-1 that enables farmers to reduce herbicide usage by up to 95%. This smart agriculture system works by scanning the field with cameras attached to a robot and then classifying the plants...

From Sensor to Customer – Automated Business Processes

How to connect a sensor to the cloud. This post explains how automated business processes can be implemented with IoT and automation.

Is qbee a good Teamviewer IoT alternative?

mote access and device management with our Teamviewer IoT alternative. Learn how we provide advanced remote functionality with our VPN.

Docker deployment of Node-RED with InfluxDB and Grafana

This blog post explains how to do a fully automated Docker deployment of Node-RED, InfluxDB and Grafana using qbee device management.

Industry 4.0 and the VPN question – security risk or valuable tool?

This blog post discusses advantages and disadvantages of VPN access in a industry 4.0 setting. Is VPN a security risk or a valuable tool?

Using efficiently – remote file access and automated deployment

Some tips and tricks how to use qbee efficiently. Learn how to access remote files across firewalls and create advanced automation solutions.

Smart buildings with remote device management

A use case study how remote device management helps to monitor & operate smart buildings more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

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