Why should CIOs or CISOs
care about device management?

Protect technology & reputation
Audit your configuration changes
SaaS VPN & Management
Avoid operating support infrastructure
qbee.io is a cost effective way of increasing IoT security, getting VPN functionality and applying configuration management.
Allow your technical department to create value for your customers by freeing them from the time consuming responsibility to build and maintain support infrastructure.
qbee.io can provide a single pane of glass management system for devices from different vendors. Are you operating different wireless gateways or controllers? Make them all accessible and controllable from one simple SaaS solution.
Rely on proven functionality from qbee.io. Avoid homegrown solutions which are soon outgrown by your needs.
qbee.io is focusing on security, remote access, configuration management, updating applications and collecting metrics and meta information from your devices to determine system health. We see that customers select us for one specific topic but soon appreciate the other included features.
We are constantly looking to make qbee.io better. If you have ideas for features or feedback we will listen.
Connect qbee.io to your other systems through our REST API. Can we be part of your ITIL process?
IoT needs to become more secure. Be on the forefront and consider risks in advance instead of reacting to a potential incident.