Here you can do the following:

  • change company name
  • allow and revoke access by the qbee support team
  • get information about the signed subscriptions
  • view the billing schedule
  • view the service agreement
  • Enable global TOTP (2-factor) authentication for mail and Google authenticator


More information about setting up 2-factor authentication is available following the link. p

If you have a support case and want to allow the qbee support team to get access to your account you can check the box "Allow access by qbee support team" below the company name.

If qbee support asks you for access please check "allow access"

In some support situations it helps a lot to be able to see the logs, audit trail and infrastructure. Thus, qbee support might ask you if it is OK to get access to your account for a short time. If you agree you can tick the box "allow access by qbee support team" (see image below). This can be revoked at any time.

The support team will ask you about this. This can be revoked again after the support case is closed (or at any other point). When being given access to the account the following applies:

  • qbee support can only view your account if you tick the "allow access"
  • qbee support will not do anything to your infrastructure without your consent
  • qbee support will try to avoid doing changes and rather ask you to do these changes
  • anything that qbee support does will be logged in your audit trail
  • all your passwords are saved and transmitted as hashes. There are no private keys on qbee. Therefore, qbee support cannot log into your remote devices if the service uses passwords (like ssh).