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What does password do?

Password allows to set passwords for user accounts. This is used to overwrite standard passwords, rotate passwords or simply create passwords for new users.

How to define passwords?

Use the "plus" button to create new forms for user name and password. Fill in the user and the password. Please note that the password needs to be inserted as a hash.

Creating a new user and setting the password will take 2 agent runs.

How to create a proper SHA-512 password hash?

Please refer to your Linux distribution how to create password hashes. On many system this will produce a SHA-512 hash:

mkpasswd -m sha-512 -s

If you do not have mkpasswd installed you can also use this Python3 one-liner to create a valid SHA-512 hashed password.

python3 -c "import crypt;print(crypt.crypt(input('clear-text pw: '), crypt.mksalt(crypt.METHOD_SHA512)))"

This will also work on a Raspberry Pi. The RPI does not have mkpasswd installed as default, but Python3 is available.

Another practical feature is the button "Registered users". This shows all users in the system.