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Script based

Deploying the agent from the automated script

The easiest way to deploy the agent is to use the universal script that detects the architecture, downloads the correct binary and installs this.

wget -O /tmp/
sudo bash /tmp/ --bootstrap-key <bootstrap_key>

The detailed process is shown in our quick start guide.

Deploying by executing the install script for a specific platform

The platform contains a package menu on the left hand side. There you will find the most common packages in the latest version. Clicking on the package for the specific platform will give a link where to fetch the package and how to install it.

The command below is an example. This might not be the latest agent!

wget && sudo dpkg -i qbee-agent_2024.09_arm64.deb

Alternatively, it is possible to use the Github repository with the open source agent and compile it yourself.

The next step is to bootstrap the device:

    sudo qbee-agent bootstrap -k <bootstrap_key>

If you deploy the first time please follow the quick start guide.

In our agent documentation more bootstrap options are listed.

We can build the agent for any platform, as binary, RPM, with Yocto and many other options. Please reach out if you need something specific.