How do I accelerate the agent runs?

Legacy agent version instructions (qbee-agent version < 2023.XX)

Instructions for the legacy version of qbee-agent can be found here

The qbee agent has a minimum run frequency of 5 minutes. This was selected to limit the load each customer device can create and also the agent sometimes needs some time to complete its tasks. However, if you are testing configuration or scripts this can stretch patience quite a bit. Therefore, we allow to manually invoke an agent run under development. Our license prohibits to run the agent constantly with update intervals smaller than 5 minutes but for development and a single device we allow to manually call it according to demand.

So we suggest to open an ssh connection to the remote device. Then the agent can be manually triggered on demand by calling:

sudo qbee-agent start --run-once
This will save you valuable time and also make the debug experience smoother.

Calling the qbee agent manually

It is prohibited by our license to run the qbee agent with an interval less than the 5 minute minimum update interval. However, during development and testing on one device we allow to manually invoke the agent according to demand. This will accelerate your development.