The platform provides detailed logs on a per device and on an aggregate basis. This works as follows:

  • on a per-device basis we show the logs for a specific device

  • on a group level we show all logs for the group and sub-branches

  • in the log menu on the left hand side we show logs for all devices in the platform.


Logs can be searched by different options. The date range selector allows to set a range or investigate a specific time frame.

Sometimes it makes sense to select a label such as "file distribution" to only see log entries with that flag. Reports have the state "read" and "unread". This can be filtered with the checkboxes.

Repeating log reports will come in at multiples of the agent interval. The checkbox "Group results" allows to group all log reports from one commit to be displayed in one entry. The count number then reflects how often it has been repeated.

The platform categorizes logs as info, warning, error and critical. The selector buttons on the right allow to control which levels should be shown in the log.

Command to run or other actions can produce output. 100 lines of output will be collected by the agent and those are accessible in the logs by clicking the text item (marked red below).

Log feedback - showing console output

Pressing the 3 dots gives additional details.