2-factor authentication

Secure your account with 2-factor authentication

Secure your logins with 2-factor authentication in qbee. Follow these simple steps to enable it globally or for specific users. Choose between 2-factor mail or Google authenticator authentication for added security. This also works for Microsoft Authenticator or any other authentication app supporting TOTP.

The most common thing is to enable 2-factor authentication globally. Just go into the company menu and select the methods you prefer. This can be mail and/or Google authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or any other authentication app supporting TOTP


Alternatively, it is possible to go into the user menu and then an administrator can override the 2 factor method. This means in a non-enabled account specific users can be set on 2 factor or specific users can be exempt from this. The later can be useful for an API user.


In any case, mail will work immediately and Google authenticator has a specific date it will be active. This can be seen in the profile page and on the next login. On the profile page you can also find the QR code that you can use to setup the Google Authenticator application on your phone. If you have setup your authenticator application and want to be able to use that immediately you can click on "Activate now". Then it will immediately be active.


If both mail and Google authenticator are selected as authentication methods a window will appear after the login. In the drop-down selector the preferred way of authentication can be selected.