Provisioning qbee devices with advanced bootstrapping

Advanced bootstrapping with auto accept into groups

Advanced bootstrapping will help you to onboard a large number of devices with a much simpler process. It basically lets you pre-define a few options within the bootstrap key menu and provides different keys for different use case. This allows to:

  • Automatically accept devices
    Devices will be accepted into the system with no manual interaction

  • Define the group devices will be inserted in:
    It is possible to define a specific group assignment for a specific key. All devices bootstrapping with that key will be assigned to the specific group.

  • Add multiple keys:
    It is possible to define multiple bootstrap keys. For example if different producers create the original system image.

  • Revoke bootstrap keys
    It is possible to revoke any bootstrap key. Devices that have bootstrapped already are in no way impacted by this. New devices that bootstrap with this key will be rejected.

Below is the bootstrap key menu with all options:


This is the menu to edit the bootstrap key options:


The group selector allows to assign the key to a group.