qbee-agent version 2

Our new and largely improved version of the qbee agent has been released as open source under the Apache License Version 2.0. Find the source code here.

Version 2 is fully compatible with agent version 1 and can be installed on new systems or as an update to the old agent (currently manual upgrade, see note on upgrades below).

The installation is exactly the same. Instructions are provided when you download it from our "qbee packages" tab in the UI.

We have pre-build the following packages.

ARM 32-bitDebian basedarmhf
ARM 64-bitDebian basedarm64
Intel x86_64Debian basedamd64
Intel i386Debian basedi386

Planning to upgrade from qbee-agent v1 (qbee-agent version < 2023.XX)?

There's currently no functionality for qbee-agent to upgrade itself. This is in the works, but users are discouraged from configuring upgrades through the qbee.io platform (either through Software Management or File Distribution). Please reach out to support@qbee.io if you plan to do mass upgrade of your devices.

Do you need other Linux versions?

We can basically create the qbee agent for any Linux system. Please ask us if your system is not in the list in the package tab. You can also just build it yourself from the open source github repository.

We also have YOCTO packages available. Please reach out if you have questions.