Select the appropriate agent for your device

Basic information about the qbee agent needs a lightweight agent to run on the embedded device. This agent is mainly written in C and designed with low resource use and footprint in mind. Most of the needed libraries are self-contained and thus the agent is extremely portable by design. It uses a pull based configuration management approach making it work across firewalls and in most edge deployment scenarios.

Identify OS and architecture

Identify your architecture and OS with uname -a or uname -m and possibly qbee already provides an agent that works:

root@ctr-700-422471:~# uname -a                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Linux ctr-700-422471 4.9.88-04910-g55e1fe5 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 1 07:54:29 CEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux
In this case the armv71 indicates an 32 bit ARM architecture.

Most likely we have a package for your platform or you can reach out and we can build one. Then we cross-compile to your Linux OS and architecture. The packages are available under the package tab in your qbee web application.

Our approach enables us to run on basically any device that supports basic Linux from full server to limited embedded device. We continuously update the library of available agent packages. We build specific libraries for devices with customized Linux and provide general packages that will run on many platforms that follow common Linux flavour styles. If you run a device which is based on any flavour of Debian Linux you can try the according package for your CPU architecture (e.g. Armhf or AMD64) and in many cases this will work out of the box. We can also provide packages as tarballs. Available packages can be seen in our qbee package repository. These will be constantly extended. For Debian based architectures we have three general packages:

Architecture OS Package:
ARM 32bit Debian based armhf
ARM 64 bit Debian based arm64
Intel x86 Debian based amd64


We can basically create the qbee agent for any Linux system. Please ask us if your system is not in the list in the package tab.

We also have YOCTO packages available. Please reach out and we will give you access to this