Application or library updates

The qbee configuration engine knows three ways of updating libraries, packages and applications. These are:

  • file distribution - used for installing by script or other mechanisms. Not depending on any debian package format
  • package management - used to install packages from a repository. It is possible to select all updates, specific packages and also specific versions of a package. Preconditions can be applied.
  • software management - allows single installs either from a repository or from the file manager. A very simple way of overlaying own debian packages from file manager or installing patched versions of standard packages from file manager.

If the embedded device has a way of updating firmware files qbee can be used for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates as well. In addition it is very easy to play out new applications or update existing ones. Automate your complete file distribution. is also able to template installations.

Please refer to the specific functions and examples for more in-depth information.