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The device management dashboard

The dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your entire Linux infrastructure, highlighting online/offline devices, resource issues, and CVE security concerns. Additionally, it displays all critical error messages and relevant information. Many customers appreciate the possibility to see where the devices are located on a map. This can be determined through GeoIP location, by resolving an address or delivering GPS coordinates. Soon we also provide GPS update integration.


With, you can quickly access a high-level view of your entire Linux infrastructure, including online/offline devices, resource and CVE security issues, as well as critical error messages. By clicking on any of the UI elements, you can dive deeper into the system and access more detailed information. The left-hand menu provides access to specific areas related to the information or controls you want to access.

The device tree and device view

A lot more detailed information can be found in the device tree and on the specific device pages. This page gives you the high level view.