This is the initial dashboard for qbee.io. It will give a quick overview over what has happened in the full infrastructure, what devices are online / offline, if there are any resource problems or if there are any CVE security problems. In addition all critical and error messages are displayed.


The three donuts give an overview over status messages for the time periods of month, week and day. Status messages have 4 different states:

  • Info:
    Basic information about events that have happened. No action needed.

  • Warning:
    Information that has impacted the device but usually no action needed. A typical example is the restart of an application.

  • Error:
    This an indication that something has not happened the way it was intended. This is a status message that usually demands action.

  • Critical:
    Here immediate action is needed as something is critically wrong and needs fixing.

The last table on the page gives information over critical or error messages that might demand further exploration.

The dashboards in the second row indicate high CPU load, memory or disk consumption (in case of log file creeping or other problems causing possible havoc. By clicking on the device name you get to the device tab for further drilldown and analysis.

The third row gives basic CVE information about which CVE vulnerabilities that have been detected but also how many devices are impacted as well as an indication of the devices with the most critical security issues.

At the bottom only error messages and critical messages are displayed. They can be marked as read and will then disappear from the overview (remaining in the overall and per device log files).