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Devices tab

The device tab shows an overview over all devices and the overall tree structure. Selecting a specific device or a group in the tree will give you more information about the device or group of devices. In the device view different tabs and per device information is shown. Clicking on a group gives aggregated metric such as traffic bandwidth, status and map information

Clicking on a group of devices or on a single device in the tree opens the device tab.


Beside the name an edit menu can be called by pressing on the card. Here the position of the device on the map is defined. The default localization is IP address resolution. It is possible to override this with coordinates. The address function is for information purposes only.

Change location on map

Use the file card beside the name of the device to define its location. Coordinates overrule automatic IP address localization.

If a console connection is available (can be configured via settings) the green button will open a new window with a remote web based ssh shell. It is possible to select any user for login.

Copy and paste in the remote web ssh shell

Please use the browsers "paste" function to copy information (e.g. password).
The shortcuts like ctrl+C do not work! The remote ssh console opens in a new window. Make sure this is not blocked by your browser.

The main page displays various system and network information in addition to settings and a summary of the data traffic and disc utilization.

Graph Tab

The graphs tab shows you various metric information. You can use the selector to adjust the time period.


By opening a rectangle with your mouse you can zoom in into interesting areas.
Double clicking into the graph allows you to get out of zoom mode.


Log Tab

The next tab shows you a log of all events that have happened for this device. You can sort by time, level or label as well as with a free text search.

Group log messages

By checking the "group results" box you will group all repeating log messages. If you miss messages make sure that you have not deselected any of the warning levels such as "info".


Inventory Tab

The inventory tab gives you various information. What information is populated here is defined in settings in configuration. So if something is missing here please go to settings and adjust these accordingly. It is possible to see users, ports, software packages and even process information if this is turned on.


Process information can be enabled in settings but will create more bandwidth demands. Please use with care when on a mobile connection.





If there are any newer libraries are available in the repository these will be displayed here. This is useful to check if updates might remedy flagged CVE problems.