File manager

The qbee file manager is your personal location to upload your files. These files are only accessible by your organization's users. The file manager is mostly self explanatory. The storage limit is set by default. A bar indicator gives you an overview over disk space used. If you need more storage please contact us and we can arrange this. This is also an easy way to upload Debian packages that are custom built and not part of the repository.


Create your own directory structure and upload your files or scripts. In file distribution full pathes need to be used. Files can also be handled through the API.

File changes and their consequences

Changing a file in file manager (delete and upload a new version with same name) will cause qbee to distribute the file again and potentially run the command associated with this file. Files are identified by their checksum, both in file manager and on the target device. Changing a file that is watched with file distribution either in file manager or on the target will cause an action by the qbee agent such that it will be replaced with the "correct" version. The checksum does not check time, ownership or permissions, so only content change is detected.

Please use the correct full path in the configuration management

If you define files in the configuration engine it is important that you define the correct full path from file manager. This is a very common mistake. The breadcrumb will help you to build this path.

The file manager provides all common functions such as

  • upload

  • delete

  • rename

  • download

Currently, it is not possible to upload from hidden directories such as .node-red. This will eventually change and additional convenience functions will be implemented.

All uploads and deletes are registered in the audit trail

File operations are registered in the audit trail.