File manager

The file manager in is your personal location to upload your files. These files are only accessible by your organization's users. The file manager is mostly self explanatory. The storage limit is set by default. A bar indicator gives you an overview over disk space used. If you need more storage please contact us and we can arrange this.


Create your own directory structure and upload your files or scripts.


There are two pre-defined pathes. These are "software-management/packages" and "software-management/config-templates"These pathes are only used for software-management from the configuration section. Software management looks for ".deb" packages in "software-management/packages" and for file templates in "software-management/config-templates". The templates are for expanding key-value pairs into config files. Please see here under software management and file distribution for more information. All other files can be placed anywhere and with a user specific directory structure.


If you define files in the configuration engine it is important that you define the correct path.

The file manager provides all common functions such as

  • upload

  • delete

  • rename

  • download