How to quickly install the qbee agent package and get going (qbee-agent version < 2023.XX)

Download and install the appropriate agent to your device.


  1. Use wget:

    Identify your architecture and get correct wget command

    In the "qbee packages" tab in the UI (see image above) we have packages for different CPU architectures. Please identify your architecture. This can be done by running uname -m. Then locate the correct wget link or download the packages.

    ARM 32 bit:


    ARM 64 bit:


    Intel x86:

  2. Install package:

    sudo dpkg -i <package-name>
  3. After successful installation the agent will output a command that explains how to bootstrap it to qbee. This will look like:

    sudo /opt/qbee/bin/qbee-bootstrap -k <bootstrap_key>

The next chapter will explain how to obtain the bootstrap key.

Automated deployment

All this would typically be done under factory provisioning, with a script or with an autostart process on the image. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss how you can easily deploy your agent package. Here is one example with chroot and here how to create a master image.