Installing the agent

Download the appropriate agent to your device. It should be possible to have your system online and working within less than 5 minutes. Install it according to the manual provided with your package. Here we show you two ways how to copy and install the Raspbian qbee package on a Raspberry Pi:

  1. Use wget (please check in your qbee package tab if the version from the link below is the latest):

  2. Use scp to get the package onto the device:

        scp <path_to_package> <username>@<ip_address>:/tmp

Then you can ssh into the device and install the qbee agent package:

    sudo dpkg -i /tmp/<package>

After successful installation the agent will output a command that explains how to bootstrap it to qbee. This will look like:

    sudo /opt/qbee/bin/qbee-bootstrap -k <bootstrap_key>
The next chapter will explain how to obtain the bootstrap key. All this would typically be done under factory provisioning, with a script or with an autostart process on the image. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss how you can easily deploy your agent package.