qbee packages

In the qbee packages window you will find your accessible qbee agent packages as well as the qbee-connect binaries for the desktop application.

qbee can be build for basically any Linux platform. Both as package or tarball. We have packages available that run on most Debian based systems as well as packages for x86, 32 and 64-bit ARM and common platforms such as Raspberry Pi, odroid and Beagleboard. Below is an indication which packages to use for different platforms and architectures. We also offer Yocto and can cross compile to any other.

ARM 32-bitDebian basedarmhf
ARM 64-bitDebian basedarm64
Intel x86Debian basedamd64


We can basically create the qbee agent for any Linux system. Please ask us if your system is not in the list

Currently we have build special packages for the following platforms and devices:

odroid C2Debian basedarm64
odroid XU4Debian basedarmhf
RPI 2,3Raspbianarmhf
RPI 4Raspbianarm64
Systec CTR-700Debianarmhf

The packages will display additional information about the architecture when hoovering above them. Please use our getting started manual to learn how to install the packages and bootstrap your devices.