Utilizing a proxy

Legacy agent version instructions (qbee-agent version < 2023.XX)

Instructions for the legacy version of qbee-agent can be found here

qbee can connect through a proxy. The agent is tested with Squid but any other proxy should work as well. In some cases this is important for remote device management to work.


The qbee agent can be used and bootstrapped through a proxy. This works for http (not https). Please use ip addresses of the proxy host.

Below are all the options that can be passed to the bootstrap function:

$ sudo qbee-agent bootstrap -h
Usage: qbee-agent [global options] <command> [options] [<command> [options] ...]

  -k, --bootstrap-key BOOTSTRAP_KEY    Set the bootstrap key found in the user profile.  [required]
      --proxy-host PROXY_HOST          HTTP proxy host to use.                           [optional]
      --proxy-port PROXY_PORT          HTTP proxy port to use.                           [optional]
      --proxy-user PROXY_USER          HTTP proxy username.                              [optional]
      --proxy-password PROXY_PASSWORD  HTTP proxy password.                              [optional]

Thus a bootstrap call could look like this:

$ sudo qbee-agent bootstrap -k xxx --proxy-host --proxy-port 3128 --proxy-user qbee-squid --proxy-password very_secret