Receive files from remote device

Sometimes a workflow demands to receive files from a remote edge device like a Raspberry Pi . One example could be a log file that needs further analysis. When the device is not in the same local network and behind a firewall this can be a lot of hassle. In this example we will show you a workflow which uses qbee-connect to download the syslog file from a remote device. This gives you a simple solution to transfer files from an edge device or to an edge device.

Task - download remote syslog file

  • open qbee-connect on your machine and connect to the remote device with ssh on port 22 qbee-connect-prepare-scp
  • qbee-connect maps port 22 on a different local host port. In this case it is 62530
  • run a scp command from your local machine to the remote device using the -P command to use the mapped port
    scp -P 62530 root@localhost:/var/log/syslog syslog_ctr-700
  • this copies the remote syslog file to the local device qbee-terminal-scp
  • task completed. This works also across firewalls or NATs.

This works of course in both directions and is just another example how you can use the port mapping functionality of qbee to achieve a simple file transfer. Here is a short remote file transfer video showing the above.