User roles & management


When creating a account the first user is created as a system administrator. This role enables the person to add, delete, edit and disable additional users. These users can be created as regular users or can also be awarded administrator rights.


The users can have different options. If users should be allowed to have remote access either through the web console or through qbee-connect this needs to be defined for each user in the settings. So the users can have different user roles within a RBAC model. We will eventually extend this model to offer a more granular RBAC access on a group or device level.

Allowing remote access for new users

In order to give users remote access this needs to be selected for each user. If this is selected users have access. In addition all access attempts will appear in the audit log with a detailed entry which device was accessed.


In the Profile tab you can reset password and see various information about the account.