All qbee configuration management options can get accessed through the "Configuration" function. Please see the "Configuration management" section for additional information.

The settings menu is very simple. Below are all options explained:


  • Metric collection:

    get information about CPU, memory, disc, bandwidth and much more

  • Report collection:

    get reports and feedback from the agent

  • Enable remote console:

    enables VPN functionality for remote login and port mapping. Uses very little bandwidth when no connection is active

  • Inventory of installed packages:

    Query the defined repositories for new packages. This is used to indicate available package updates and for CVE analysis.

  • Process Inventory:

    Each agent run will transmit the current running processes and their system resource consumption. This is useful to see if processes hang or if there are memory leaks for certain processes.

How often the agent connects is defined in "agent scheduling interval". The number represents minutes. Choosing a fast update rate (e.g. 5 minutes) enables the system to respond very rapidly to configuration changes. However, on a mobile connection it might make sense to increase the time interval to save bandwidth. The software, port and user inventory is only updated when changes occurred. Where possible the agent compresses the information to save bandwidth and only differential changes are transmitted.

Typical bandwidth requirements are discussed in the linked page.

Scheduling interval

Select the correct scheduling interval. If data traffic is of no issue we recommend 5 minutes for fast response time. If you want lower overhead from the tool please reduce this rate. If minimum bandwidth is the ultimate goal it is possible to disable metrics and reports as well as remote login.

On demand settings

Each device or group can have an individual setting. It is for example possible to disable package inventory for all production devices but keep this activated for the test and Q&A devices. At any time an update is necessary it is possible to enable package inventory again for a few hours, have devices update and then turn it off gain.