Detect Raspberry Pi version

If you have multiple hardware revisions of the Raspberry Pi running it is possible to find out what type of device it is by inspecting the device tab. Here some useful information about the devices is displayed:

  • CPU revision or cpu_rev: a020d3
  • CPU serial number or cpu_sn: 00000000671cdf84
  • CPU Hardware or cpu_hw: BCM2835


The revision can be checked against this list of Raspberry Pi types. Just use the browser's find function and search for a020d3.


In this case this yields:


model:        3B+

revision:     1.3

ram:          1GB 

manufacturer: Sony UK
This can also be queried through the REST API: - all devices{device_id} - specific device

field: cpu_rev

Then the output can be matched against the list.