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Remote access problems

Remote access is currently not possible

Most remote access problems boil down to 2 distinct problems:

  • the time is not correct - having a correct time on the device is crucial for the encryption to work

  • the DNS is instable - we have seen many customers that had instable DNS setups.

Sometimes the DNS seems OK and defined, but at times it gets a wrong configuration. Usually the device had wrong DNS settings in its internal DNS setup. So please check this.

Remote access has never worked

Usually remote access works out of the box and this is one of the great advantages of the platform. But some prerequisites need to be fulfilled in order for remote access to work. Here are two possible problems:

  • The firewall needs to allow the DNS resolution of the qbee cloud platform and access to that outbound. From that address returning packages need to be able to reach the agent devices.

  • Linux kernel module CONFIG_TUN is not activated or compiled into the kernel

Without this being active qbee cannot establish the virtual interface qbee0. It is very simple to check if that interface is available by looking into the device tab. Please go to ->Inventory -> System

You could also run the following command to check:

sudo modprobe tun

The proposed fix here is to recompile the kernel with the CONFIG_TUN enabled or to use another distribution with another kernel.