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How do I uninstall the qbee agent?

How to uninstall the qbee agent from a device?

The correct way to delete and uninstall qbee from a device is to first uninstall the agent and then remove the device in the qbee application. Otherwise the agent will still run on your device.

On the device please issue the following commands (below you see how to do this with automation).

 apt-get --purge remove qbee-agent
 rm /etc/qbee /var/lib/qbee -rf 

This will stop and remove the agent software as well as the keys and qbee specific data.

As next step the device can be removed in the device tab by selecting "remove device".

How to uninstall the qbee agent through automationΒΆ

It is very easy to uninstall the qbee agent even on a large device base. This is in line with our philosophy that we do not want to lock in any customer. We do this through the included automation engine that qbee provides and it works like this:

  1. Upload your uninstall script to the file manager

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    apt-get --purge remove qbee-agent
    rm /etc/qbee /var/lib/qbee -rf 
    exit 0
  2. In the qbee app go to "Configure" and select "System->File Distribution".

    On the device tab select the group or device that is in scope. For more information please see the configuration management documentation.

  3. Set up the file distribution:

    File Source:


    File Destination:


    and we need a command to run that executes this on the remote devices. Since we want to keep record that this really went OK we pipe the output of the script in a log file as follows:

    bash > qbee-uninstall.log 2>&1
  4. Save and commit this configuration. Now within your agent interval (usually 5 minutes) all devices will uninstall qbee. Since the agent is stopped and removed you will not see any report logs this time.

  5. Remove the devices in the web UI