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Simple ssh login through the web UI

How to access remote edge devices with web based ssh from our UI?

This short tutorial shows you how to access any qbee device with our ssh web console through the built-in web UI.

What is web based ssh access?

Web-based SSH access refers to the ability to connect and manage remote servers using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol directly from a web browser. Unlike traditional SSH clients that require software installation, web-based SSH solutions offer a more convenient way to access servers without the need for dedicated applications. "Web-based SSH" tools like qbee provide the flexibility to interact with remote machines from any device with a web browser, making server management and troubleshooting tasks easier and more accessible.

What are the prerequisites to web ssh?

In order to web ssh and gain web based ssh access a few prerequisites need to be in place. We assume that you have the qbee agent installed on the edge device and that ssh is enabled. Furthermore, you as a user also need to have remote access enabled. Please refer to our RBAC. The device that runs the qbee agent does not need to have any ports open. So you can actually access devices with a fully closed firewall. Also the network firewall in the target network does not need to have any open ports. qbee will use its VPN and traffic through HTTPS to establish a web ssh connection from the device in the network out.

How to do this in the platform?

The web based ssh access is available from the device tab:


Alternatively, you can access through the remote console window.


This will open a new browser window (please check that you allow new browser windows to be opened) and there you have a full web based ssh UI. You can open multiple browser windows in parallel and by typing "exit" you can leave again.

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable access without password through ssh keys.


In summary web-based SSH access is useful because it provides:

*Convenience: Users can access remote servers from any device with a web browser without the need for installing dedicated software.

*Platform Independence: As it's browser-based, it's agnostic to the user's operating system, enabling seamless access across Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile devices.

*Accessibility: Whether on the go or using a shared device, users can quickly access their servers without the hassle of configuring an SSH client.

Security: While ensuring the convenience of browser access, you get enhanced security and do not need to open any ports.

In summary, web-based SSH access streamlines IoT and server management by combining the power of SSH with the ubiquity and ease of web browsers.