Everything you need to kickstart your
embedded IoT deployment

qbee.io brings automation technology
to distributed embedded systems.

System Overview

Get an overview over your complete infrastructure. Immediately see any critical events that mandate further investigation. See critical metrics, package vulnerabilities or configuration changes.

Dive into a per device view for a detailed analysis of any warning or error message. All changes to the system will be logged. This allows an audit view that records what changes have been made and which administrator initiated it. More information can be found here.

Remote Access

qbee.io includes a full-fledged VPN solution with a remote access tool as well as a simple web based ssh console.

With our secure VPN solution you will have remote access through any firewall or mobile network. Completely out of the box. We enable you to map any remote port to your local machine. This allows to operate remote web UIs via our qbee-connect application available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Securely control your remote node-red or Scada web-server or establish a remote desktop connection with VNC. With qbee.io you do not need to open any port and you do not need any static IP or dynamic DNS service.


We provide you with detailed metrics about specific system functions to help you analyze system performance and potential problems. This includes an overview of system usage by running processes.

Memory and CPU utilization is critical for any embedded device. The same is true for disk/flash-space. We provide complete disk statistics for each mount. DonĀ“t let a growing log or dump file crash your device. We also give you information about existing users, open ports, processes and password age / technology.


qbee.io helps you to increase security and minimize attack vectors

We offer a variety of security measures to keep your system protected. Starting with password and user analysis, open port detection as well as automation functions for firewall management, ssh key rotation and much more. A continuous full CVE scan of all libraries will inform you if new vulnerabilities are detected. All configuration changes will be logged in an audit log. Vulnerable libraries can be replaced.


qbee.io gives you many configuration options. Automate configuration for all devices, groups or single ones.

Currently we support setting up NTP servers, management and rotation of SSH keys, users, process watch (run/stop), software installation, patch installation, firewall setup and management, file distribution and templating. Our agent is constantly monitoring all configurations and will automatically initiate corrective actions if a deviation is detected (process not running, a new user on the system, old ssh keys). We also enable you to use Ansible playbooks even though your devices are behind firewalls or mobile networks.