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For proof of concepts and small deployments
Per month
  • up to 10 devices
  • Email support
  • Secure reverse VPN login


All features included, up to 100 devices
Per month
  • up to 100 Devices
  • Email support
  • Secure reverse VPN login
  • qbee desktop client
  • CVE vulnerability check


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  • Any number of devices
  • Premium Support
  • White labeling
  • Your infrastructure
  • Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions

We deploy a very small and leightweight agent on your embedded Linux system. It securely bootstraps to our backend platform and chekcs every 5th minute if a new configuration is available. The agent autonomously enforces the last configuration, even if a network connection is lost. This way it can monitor and restart processes even when offline. At the same time security configurations are also kept and enforced. is developed with focus on minimum resource usage. Therefore we hardly take any CPU time. At the same time we have minimized flash usage. All state information is kept in a small RAM disk in memory. This is sized to not impact your other applications. Please take contact and we can demo our technology to you.
All status information and configuration can be accessed and performed through our REST API. We also offer a sandbox for easy development. This helps to control your distributed devices from 3rd party software or feed status information back to other systems.
Yes, you can trigger on different tresholds and send sms or mail alarm messages. These tresholds help you to prevent service outages by pro-actively managing high CPU usage or low disk or memory space. can be used by multiple users. Any change to the system will be recorded and saved in an audit trail. This way you can trace which user deployed what change and to what type of device class. can do many measures to ensure and increase your security. Easily deploy common firewall rules to all devcies and enforce that the firewall always runs. Manage user access (check password age & technology) and rotate ssh keys on the devices. Change keys if there has been any compromise. Gain the opportunity to patch the system if a Linux library is causing security concerns. Check libraries against a CVE or NIST security database and get reports on compromised libraries.
We offer two different remote access options through a secure and encrypted reverse VPN tunnel to enable you to work on any device remotely. Even if this device is behind a firewall or on a mobile network and usually not accessible by ssh. Our remote console login allows you secure shell access through the web portal. The qbee client allows you to securely expose any port through the system and make it accessible on your local machine. THe qbee desktop client is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.