Why embedded edge device management
and remote device access?


qbee.io for Developers

Do you need secure remote device access, out-of-the-box hosted VPN, remote device management and much more?
But you don't want to spend time & resources on software development or setting up and maintaining complex tools and infrastructure?

Then qbee.io has you covered without any development. Across different embedded Linux devices.
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qbee.io is the swiss army knife of embedded edge device deployment. You deploy it for one specific function and then it surprises you by what else it can do.
Kevin Harrison
Lead Developer, IoT Tribe
My background is from hardware development so I am not a Linux guru.
qbee.io helped me to securely setup and manage a wireless sensor gateway system.
Doris Reyes
Senior Developer, Radiology

qbee.io for CIO/CISOs

IT security does not stop with server infrastructure. IoT or OT (operational technology) edge devices are just as crucial to any IT security strategy, no matter if you are a system operator or a company deploying IoT device management fleet solutions.

qbee.io provides you with a simple and secure hosted solution for your IoT infrastructure, including CVE analysis.
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IT security has become a strategic Board Room topic. But who is responsible for securing all the distributed operational technology devices like sensor gateway edge devices, digital signage controllers and all the million others?
Robert Jensen
CISO, Security Startup
We deliver a mobility service based on distributed embedded Linux machines. Our focus is on innovative and secure IT service design for our customers. Security and secure access is a key strategic necessity for our embedded fleet device management.
Carl McCoy
CEO, Mobmove

McKinsey & Company

Critical infrastructure companies and the global cybersecurity threat. How is this relevant with regards to embedded configuration management?
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Already by 2018 nearly 60 percent of relevant surveyed organizations had experienced a breach in their industrial control (ICS) or supervisory control and data-acquisition (SCADA) systems.
Forrester consulting study (May 2018)
commissioned and published by Fortinet
40 percent of industrial sites have at least one direct connection to the public internet, and 84 percent of industrial sites have at least one remotely accessible device.
CyberX report (2018)
Global industrial control systems and Internet of Things risk

Device Manufacturers

qbee.io will immediately give you a full IoT edge device management platform with remote web server access, security analysis, metrics and much more.
This will accelerate your proof of concepts (POCs) and thus your sales cycle.

Use qbee.io fully white-labeled or operate as a reseller.
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qbee.io is a low cost tool that is easy to implement for many different devices. All needed infrastructure to control the devices is provided and operated by qbee AS.
If you are a system operator or an application developer you do not generate value by implementing VPNs and service functions. Here qbee.io helps you with an out of the box setup.