Emlogic optimised our Yocto layer for Linux device management

qbee’s Linux device management platform is available for multiple Linux distributions but can also be built with Yocto. In order to optimize the qbee agent Yocto build, we asked EmLogic, an Embedded SW, FPGA...

Device Management helps agriculture robot to reduce herbicides by 95%

The Norwegian company Kilter AS has developed an autonomous agricultural robot named AX-1 that enables farmers to reduce herbicide usage by up to 95%. This smart agriculture system works by scanning the field with cameras attached to a robot and then classifying the plants...

Innovative asset monitoring solution – LISI AEROSPACE

LISI AEROSPACE implemented an innovative asset monitoring solution for industry 4.0. It includes VPN access and a CI/CD workflow automation.

Use MkDocs to create your customized documentation

How to use MKDocs and the Material theme to customize your documentation. Create a custom colour scheme and apply it to admonitions.

Solve old Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate Expiration problem

How to solve the Let's Encrypt root certificate expiration problem and fix this on a large fleet of distributed Linux devices.

Automated PLC deployment with CI/CD

It is possible to create a fully automated PLC deployment through a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub for industrial scale IIoT deployments.

Raspberry Pi as PLC with OpenPLC

This blog post shows how to fully automate the installation of OpenPLC on one or many Raspberry Pis as an example for any Linux device.

From Sensor to Customer – Automated Business Processes

How to connect a sensor to the cloud. This post explains how automated business processes can be implemented with IoT and automation.