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IoT OTA Software Update

No matter if you deploy large amounts of Linux edge devices in any smart building, smart city or industry 4.0 application, a proper IoT software update strategy is crucial. Since applications are continuously improved both the application layer as well as the Linux OS needs IoT OTA. With qbee you can do this in a simple, secure and scalable way delivering updates from the file manager, a repository or even a CI/CD setup with the available REST API.

IoT OTA software update

IoT OTA Software Update Features

Library updates

IoT OTA updates of system libraries from standard or private repositories. Update all or specific libraries and versions.

Software updates

Update any type of software and use post commands to install and configure those properly.


Use scripts to determine pre-conditions for IoT software update. Check for time or that machinery is powered down.

File manager

Store scripts, packages or application software directly in the qbee file manager. Simplify your IoT OTA update.

Output logs

qbee will show you detailed output logs from installations. This makes debugging easy. 


Use the comprehensive REST API to interact with software update from third party systems.

Software inventory

Get an overview over all installed libraries including version and see if any updates are available.

CVE check

Our continuous CVE check will inform you about new vulnerabilities. Immediately check on legacy devices.


Continuous Integration / continuous deployment is getting more and more important in IoT OTA.

qbee is the platform that supports your IoT OTA needs. No matter if you want to run IoT software updates or base Linux library patching. Get notified if new versions are in the upstream repository and also if CVE vulnerabilities are detected. Update when necessary as you seem fit.

There are many ways to deliver software updates over the air. Some are delivered as packages while others demand a tarball or file distribution with additional scripting and advanced installation logic. qbee offers you different ways to achieve the goal of an always updated device fleet.

Our pull and state based approach is also suitable for devices that seldom are online or kept offline over long periods of time. Spare devices would immediately converge to the last defined state and apply all relevant IoT software updates through OTA instead of missing a pushed update.

We have many customers that use our REST API and for example Github to run a CI/CD pipeline. We offer qbee Github runner functions to make this as easy as possible but continuous integration / continuous delivery can be used with any other tool as well. Just uploading a program file to the file manager can trigger the IoT OTA for the whole fleet, a specific group or a single device.

How to benefit from IoT OTA?

Save Time

Update libraries from your repository, from the qbee file manager or anywhere else. IoT software updates made simple.

Save Costs

Use all the available functions to provide IoT OTA for your project. No additional NRE or hidden operational costs.

Increase Security

Rapid software updates and patching is crucial to improve your IoT security.

Storage Space

Use the available storage space to handle your files and software applications. No other storage needed.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate third party applications with the extensive REST API available.

Output logs

Analyse output logs for update operations that have failed. These logs are automatically retrieved from the edge devices.

Proven by customers worldwide in different industries.

What our clients say about us

Maciej Plebanski

Fast and secure

qbee made it very easy to get started with device management and now we are managing our complete fleet of robots. We are continuously improving and updating our Kogena platform and qbee helps us to do this in a fast and secure way.


Maciej Plebanski

CEO at Kogena

Hermann Berg

Easy to implement

We use in an MLOps project and appreciate both the simple device management part as well as the automated continued deployment of new and improved machine learning models.



Hermann Berg

Head of IIot AT Moxa

Krzysztof Dec

Designed for usability

The implementation of the qbee platform made management of the shop floor devices simple and easy to follow. In the long term, this will enable us to hand over the system developed by our team to the IT department in a much more orderly manner.


Krzysztof Dec


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