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IoT OTA Software Update

Secure over-the-air (OTA) software updates for operating system, firmware applications and other parts of the software stack. Update your fleet by simply uploading your binaries, images or packages.

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Manage your IoT Devices the Clever Way

Save time, costs and downtime with robust OTA A/B image updates.

Save Time

All components for secure A/B image updates out of the box. Support for package, binary & script updates.

Increase Security

Rapid software updates and patching. Improve your IoT security. End-to-end encryption with TPM.

Host your Files Securely

Use the available storage space to securely handle your files and software applications. No other storage needed.

Save Costs

No development costs & no additional NRE or hidden operational costs.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate third party applications with the extensive REST API available.

Output Logs & Audit

Seamless logging of all update operations. An audit trail documents all changes and who initiated them.

Any Linux, any Hardware, no lock-in

IoT OTA Software Update Features

Library updates

IoT OTA updates of system libraries from standard or private repositories. Update all or specific libraries and versions.

Software updates

Update any type of software and use post commands to install and configure those properly.


Use scripts to determine pre-conditions for IoT software update. Check for time or that machinery is powered down.

File manager

Store scripts, packages or application software directly in the qbee file manager. Simplify your IoT OTA update.

Docker container orchestration

Orchestrate containers on embedded devices with the Docker configuration or through docker compose.


Use the comprehensive REST API to interact with software update from third party systems.

Software inventory

Get an overview over all installed libraries including version and see if any updates are available.

Full A/B Image updates

Update your firmware on an image basis. Use adaptive streaming & delta updates. Rauc support.


Continuous Integration / continuous deployment is getting more and more important in IoT OTA.

qbee is your go-to platform for all your IoT OTA (over-the-air) update needs. No matter if you want to do a full A/B image update, refresh your IoT application software or patch a library in your base Linux system. With our inventory analysis you stay informed about new upstream versions and CVE vulnerabilities such that your fleet will be secure and compliant at all times. RAUC support included.

Delivering software updates over the air can be done in many ways, such as packages, tarballs, or file distribution with additional scripting and advanced installation logic. qbee offers multiple options to achieve the goal of an always-updated device fleet.

Our pull and state-based approach comes to the rescue even if devices are seldom online or are kept offline for long periods. This helps spare devices to converge to the last defined state and apply all relevant IoT software updates via OTA instead of missing a pushed update.


Package management & softwaer updates for emebdded Linux

Many of our customers use our REST API and GitHub to run a CI/CD pipeline. We offer qbee GitHub runner functions to simplify the process, but our continuous integration/continuous deployment can be used with any other tool as well. Uploading a program file to the file manager can trigger IoT OTA updates for the whole fleet, a specific group, or a single device. Just reach out and we can show you how this works.


Three Layers of OTA Updates

As a comprehensive solution qbee offers three layers of updates:

  1. The base layer can do A/B image updates with adaptive streaming and delta updates. This is useful for large Linux or application changes.
  2. The second layer handles OTA updates of files, libraries or binaries. This allows low risk pin-point operations. The file manager can be used to distribute the files.
  3. The third layer allows to individualize devices with key-value templating. Feed individual IP addresses, passwords or other information via web UI or through our API from your management / ERP system into a standard script or config file on an individual device. The qbee agent will then insert the unique IP address into a standard configuration file and initiate a restart of the script, service or application. This logic allows to split your workload into application, generic configuration file and specific / individual values for that file. If the application changes all devices reload their individual configuration. If one IP changes that specific devices writes a new config and restarts the application.

An end-to-end IoT Management Solution

With qbee

  • IoT device management
  • Remote access
  • A/B image updates
  • Open Source agent
  • CVE vulnerability analysis
  • Github integration - CI / CD
  • Metrics & inventory
  • Fully UI based & REST API
  • No development needed
  • Docker container management

With others

  • IoT device management
  • Remote access
  • A/B image updates
  • Open Source agent
  • CVE vulnerability analysis
  • Github integration - CI / CD
  • Metrics & inventory
  • Fully UI based & REST API
  • No development needed
  • Docker container management

Ready to stop struggling with OTA software updates?

Software updates do not need to be difficult. No matter if you want to make pin point updates to OS libraries or rapidly update applications DevOps style, qbee has you covered. Even with a repository for your files or you connect 3rd party services for CI/CD.

Increase security
Save time and costs
Lean and scalable
Use qbee repo