IoT Device Management

Linux and IoT device management made simple. Manage large fleets of IoT devices throughout their lifecycle in one IoT device management platform. VPN access, monitoring, security and OTA software updates.

IoT Device Management

Simple - Secure - Scalable

Simple - Secure - Scalable

From a quick proof of concept to full production


linux automation

Linux Automation

Simple IoT device management and Linux automation tool. Make sure your device fleet is properly configured and all libraries are updated.

remote access

Remote Access

An integrated VPN allows remote access to any port or application. Enable secure ssh access through any firewall or NAT out of the box. No open ports needed.

iot monitoring


Monitor IoT devices and gain valuable insight into your fleet. Detect memory leaks and run analysis covering software inventory, docker containers and more.

iot security


Distribute or rotate ssh keys and certificates. Automatically get notified if CVE vulnerabilities are detected. Configure firewall settings and much more.

IoT OTA software update

Software Updates

Automatically run OTA updates of Linux libraries or your application. Securely distribute remote updates to large fleets. CI/CD through REST API.

remote scripting

Remote Scripting

Remotely run scripts or commands on groups of devices. Setup communication or do any custom operation. Receive script or command output.

Why use IoT device management? brings server automation and OTA update capabilities to most embedded Linux devices. Our SaaS IoT device management platform is easy to use, no matter if you want to manage a single Raspberry Pi or a large fleet of professional edge devices. Get control of your fleet deployments with automated IoT device management and dynamic remote VPN access.

Our comprehensive solution supports most processor platforms such as Arm, MIPS and x86. The optimised agent has a small footprint, uses pull based configuration management techniques and can run on most Linux versions. A Yocto layer and docker support is available as well.

Do not let the distributed nature of industry 4.0 applications limit your development speed. qbee helps you to immediately place your device close to where you want to collect data or control things. Use our advanced remote access VPN to work directly on the device or access applications on any port securely. This works through company networks, firewalls and NATs.

When moving to large fleet deployments we ensure that you can configure your IoT devices in a fully automated way supporting OTA updates, remote script execution and even CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) solutions.

Comprehensive Linux Automation

IoT device management
Remote access VPN
OTA software updates
CVE vulnerability analysis
Github integration
Performance monitoring


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