Manage your embedded Linux Devices
>_ remote control your infrastructure

Remote access, monitoring, security and automation!

Remote Access

  • across firewalls
  • full VPN solution
  • ssh access via UI
  • forward any port


  • metrics
  • library inventory
  • processes
  • network availability


  • close all ports
  • check existing users
  • rotate certificates
  • vulnerability check


  • configure files
  • templating
  • software updates
  • firewall, users, ssh

How can we help you?

It is a challenge to keep distributed embedded Linux IoT devices secure, updated and connected. increases security, adds automation, allows remote VPN access across networks and firewalls and gives you an insight into your infrastructure. We work vendor agnostic without the need for software development or containers.

Key Features

Manage your devices with advanced automation technology. Our lightweight and secure local qbee agent constantly monitors your system. It receives state information from our backend server and autonomously enforces these in the field, even if you lose communication for a while or if you exchange a spare device.
  • Enforce firewall security and update users or ssh keys.
  • See current device metrics like CPU and memory use.
  • Update software and patch Linux libraries.
  • Monitor critical processes and respawn them.
  • Login access through a secure reverse tunnel.
  • Configure services like Node-Red through templating.
  • Get logs and audit trails for any change or deviation.
  • Get alerts if devices go offline. Watchdog for network stack.
  • Get visual feedback about device state and location.
  • Ansible integration.
  • Full VPN solution.
  • Complete REST API for all functionality.
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Example use cases of our device management software brings full server automation capabilities to embedded devices. This operations technology (OT) software allows remote deployment of a large number of devices with improved security and full automation. Get control of huge or even heterogeneous infrastructures.

Manage any
LPWAN network

Manage hundreds of LoRaWAN, Zigbee or 6LoWPAN gateways from different vendors to create a reliable radio coverage. Watchdog for mobile network issues.

Control your Raspberry PI
from anywhere

Control multiple RPIs in distributed locations. This helps you to roll out proof of concepts early into customer networks. Remote access, updates and metrics.

Does your embedded controller
run a web service?

Get secure access to web services even behind firewalls and mobile networks. Configure your SCADA or Node-Red solutions as if you were sitting in front of the device.

Full server automation
on embedded devices

Automation is a very common concept amongst server administrators. Now you can do the same on embedded devices with a full audit trail. Stop ssh'ing into your units and start automating. Seamless Ansible integration.

We are here to help

Automation for device OT (operational technology) is still a fairly new topic. We help you to connect your devices to and explore the new opportunities and savings this can generate. Without any software development we are the only platform that guarantees a quick time to value and that supports a diverse range of device, both legacy and new ones. We enable you to use Ansible playbooks on embedded devices behind complex network infrastructure.
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