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IoT Remote Access VPN

Looking for a secure way to remotely access your IoT devices? offers an integrated and highly secure solution that enables access to any device port, even behind firewalls. Use our web-based SSH shell or the qbee-connect desktop tool for easy port mapping and access to VNC, Scada systems or Node-Red.

Manage Remote IoT Access the Clever Way

Use our integrated remote access VPN that can be dynamically switched on and off allowing unrivalled security

SSH Access from your Browser

Get secure and immediate ssh access to any device from your browser. Even though your devices are behind complex network structures and all ports are closed qbee allows you ssh access - or to disable it.

Secure Remote Access with VPN

Gain secure remote access to any port on your edge devices via end-to-end encrypted tunneling. Activate remote access dynamically as needed for support, ensuring both convenience and security.

A full VPN in less than 5 Minutes

Sign up for free on, deploy our agent, and expedite your time to market. With just basic Linux knowledge, you can get started in under 5 minutes and have a full-fledged VPN out of the box.

Secure Port Forwarding

Access other relevant ports in your network and securely map them to a localhost port on your local machine. This allows to access Modbus devices, HVAC systems and much more. This can also be disabled.

End-to-end Tunnel to localhost

By securely mapping remote ports to your localhost you can use common tools to access the remote devices. Work with WinSCP for file transfers, use PLC configuration desktop software or simply your browser.

Dynamic VPN - turn on or off

qbee has a unique feature that allows to turn a VPN on or off. In production many customers have the VPN off and only enable it for single devices for debugging when a support case occurs.

Remote Access Features

Web based ssh

Use the simple web based ssh terminal to control Raspberry Pi remotely. Any IoT remote control through ssh is possible.

ssh from your terminal

If you are like our developers you love your terminal. Use the qbee-connect app and ssh with your familiar terminal.

Map any port

qbee-connect allows to map any remote port or any service to your local machine. This gives maximum flexibility.

Zero config

Install our qbee agent and you have device management and secure remote access with zero setup or configuration.

Dynamic VPN

The VPN can be switched on and off dynamically based on group or individual device level. Run it only for debugging.

Log remote access

Log who accessed which device on which port. Create an audit trail for access such that your support is documented.

Remote file browsing

Use WinSCP or any other file browsing tool supporting SCP, SFTP, SSHFS or rsync. Make developing convenient.

Cross platform application

The qbee-connect application is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Use it to map any remote port to your platform.

Port forwarding

The port forwarding solution allows to access other devices in the network as well. Great for smart buildings.

Take your IoT remote access capabilities to the next level with qbee-connect! Our platform provides seamless and secure access to any port or service on remote IoT devices, even through closed firewalls, mobile connectivity and across most company networks. Use VNC, WinSCP, Node-RED or any other application with web UI as if your sitting in front of the edge device, without leaving your preferred terminal. With auto-connect and support for multiple parallel connections, qbee VPN works out of the box on any embedded Linux device, including Raspberry Pi.

At qbee, we provide all the necessary infrastructure for secure and high-performance remote access so you can focus on your application development. Free yourself from the burden of designing and operating IoT infrastructure and start remote prototyping from day one. Move your proof of concept device directly onto the production floor or into any remote location and gather real-life data to refine your application. Try qbee-connect today and revolutionize your IoT remote control!

This unique remote access solution allows very granular control of your edge devices. You can either connect with ssh through our web interface or create a secure tunnel from any port on your device directly to a localhost interface on your computer. For this we provide the qbee-connect software for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Our solution sets itself apart from any competing services that you can dynamically switch the remote access VPN on or off on a group level or for individual devices. qbee-connect also provides a technique called ssh port forwarding allowing you to access other devices in the remote network that have open ports.

How to Benefit from IoT Remote Control Functions?

Save Time

Immediately move your prototype into its location and use our IoT remote control functionality.

Save Costs

Being able to support devices remotely saves a lot of costs. Not needing to operate your own VPN creates additional savings.


Proven and secure. It can be dynamically enabled/disabled allowing to adhere to customer specifications.

Cross-platform App

qbee-connect allows to use remote ports conveniently from your desktop, no matter if you prefer Windows, macOS or Linux.

Save Resources

Not everyone has a development team with network experts. Use our fully integrated solution and focus on your value add.

Disable VPN

Do you want to use the qbee VPN for development but not for production? Create a development group and turn it on.