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Remote Scripting & Run Commands

Automate the secure execution of scripts and configuration on your whole fleet. Our pull-based agent approach ensures that all devices in scope receive and execute the necessary scripts or commands. Stop doing manual operations and automate script execution. Let us create audit and feedback logs to make your fleet consistent. 

Remote Scripting & Run Command Features

Run remote scripts automatically

Run one or more remote scripts fully automated. Define the processing order and check for conditions.

Flexible run commands

Use flexible run commands or chain them in any way you need. Commands will get invoked on any change in the files.

Output log

Get an extensive output log from all of the remote edge devices. Analyze any potential problems from remote scripting.


Use mustache based templating to build flexible scripts that can expose certain parameters for group adjustment.

State based processing

If a unit detects that a script has changed / is new it will download and run it. Ideal for offline devices.

Re-run script on change

Re-run a script if something has changed. This can be the script or also a templated variable (Modbus update frequency…)

Define scope

Apply remote script execution to an individual device or to a whole group or fleet.


See who uploaded / changed a script or template variable and caused its execution. Know who to blame ;-).

Success log

All remote scripting and file distributions are logged giving you a detailed insight when debugging.

Our scripting functionality is ideal for delivering and running advanced configurations, scraping information from devices, or rebooting groups or individual units. The state-based nature of qbee also enables script-based configuration for offline devices.

With our templating engine, any text, command, or setting can be exposed as a variable, simplifying complex logic. For instance, different MQTT server URLs can be used for various device groups while maintaining a consistent configuration script or json input that can easily be updated and improved in one place since the device specific settings are templated out.

Our remote scripting is designed as an API first solution, making all scripting functionality (including templating) available through the REST API. This allows you to connect it to higher-level systems and insert device or customer-specific data, providing unique flexibility in the industry.

Don’t waste your time ssh’ing into your devices.

Contact us today to explore how our highly secure and scalable remote scripting solution can help you create a smart scripting solution for your Linux devices.

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How to benefit from Remote Scripting?

Improve Security

Use advanced configuration to harden and secure your device fleet according to your needs.

Save Time

Don't ssh into devices. This is error prone and costs a lot of time. Use our remote scripting engine.

Save Costs

Your developers want to create exciting high value applications and not be tangled up in costly maintenance.

Receive feedback

Receive feedback from your command or scripts. This will help you in debugging.

Single Source of Truth

Upload your remote scripts and logic into the qbee file manager. Make it accountable what has been remotely executed.

Audit Logs

See who did what and when. Know the history of your system, especially if you are a team working on this.