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IoT Configuration Management

Automate your device fleet deployments with IoT configuration management. Manage the full IoT lifecycle and connect to your own systems with our flexible API.   

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Manage your IoT Devices the Clever Way

Save time, costs and downtime with IoT configuration management.

Docker Container Deployment

Leverage our integrated Docker container configuration for your IoT fleet. Easily deploy and update container images remotely, gain insights into active containers, and trust qbee to seamlessly manage them for you.

Secure Remote Access with VPN

Gain secure remote access to any port on your edge devices via end-to-end encrypted tunneling. Activate remote access dynamically as needed for support, ensuring both convenience and security.

Get Going in less than 5 minutes

Sign up for free on, deploy our agent, and expedite your time to market. With just basic Linux knowledge, you can get started in under 5 minutes. Plus, our VPN is ready to go right out of the box.

Over The Air Software Updates

Seamlessly update software over the air using a straightforward and consistent process, whether you're updating binaries, Debian packages, or patching operating system libraries.

Simple User Interface & API

Utilize our user-friendly UI to manage your edge devices throughout their lifecycle. Alternatively, integrate with our API to connect to your existing systems and business processes.

Remote Scripting made easy

Easily run remote scripts across your vast device fleet. Streamline IoT configuration management with state-based scripting, guaranteeing uniform setup across millions of devices.

Any Linux, any Hardware, no lock-in

Configuration Management Features

UI based configuration

Use our intuitive UI to configure users, passwords, firewall, ssh keys or monitor processes.

Increased security

Distribute or rotate ssh keys through UI or REST API. Deploy and update certificates or user passwords.

Docker orchestration

Manage Docker containers and do powerful container orchestration with docker compose.

Distribute files & scripts

Distribute files and scripts. Invoke commands or scripts after file distribution to address complex configuration.

Connectivity watchdog

Use this watchdog to reboot the system in case of connectivity loss fixing USB modem problems.

Monitor processes

Monitor any process and ensure that it runs. qbee lets you restart any process that died and this is reported.

Pull based & self-healing

The qbee agent is self healing, always enforcing defined state. It’s pull based concept can handle any amount if devices consistently.

Group based configuration

Define individual configuration settings for different groups, subgroups or specific IoT devices.

Audit & device logs

Our audit log records all changes. A device log shows configuration changes and the output from scripts or commands.

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