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Security & Linux Hardening

When it comes to IoT device security, industry 4.0 deployments demand the highest level of protection. At qbee, we understand the importance of security and offer a wide range of Linux hardening and security features to keep your devices safe. Our configuration management tool securely distributes ssh keys, manages user and password security, and ensures optimal firewall settings. But perhaps the most critical security measure is keeping libraries updated and patching vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. Our continuous CVE vulnerability scan of all Linux packages simplifies the detection of potential security issues, so you can take action before any harm is done. Trust qbee to keep your IoT devices secure and compliant with industry standards.

linux hardening

Security & Linux Hardening Features

Users & passwords

Define which users are allowed on the system. qbee will constantly remove all others. Check password age and hash.

OTA updates

Improve your Linux security hardening by frequent OTA updates. Define latest or specific library version.

CVE vulnerability scan

qbee continuously scans your devices for new libraries and syncs with the NIST CVE database to detect vulnerabilities.


UI based firewall configuration for system, groups or single devices. The basis of Linux hardening. Detect ports.

Rotate ssh keys

Distribute or rotate ssh keys. Secure ssh access and control who has ssh keys on the edge devices.

Distribute certificates

Use our advanced file distribution and scripting to distribute certificates. This can also be done through our REST API.

Secure remote access

Use the integrated secure remote access even though all external ports are closed. This can be switched off.

2 factor authentication

Use 2 factor authentication with mail or Google authenticator to make your login more secure.

State based configuration

State based configuration defines state not actions. Enable spare devices to immediately receive correct configuration.

Protecting large-scale IoT deployments is a complex challenge, but qbee has you covered. Our focus is on increasing edge device security by hardening Linux, keeping defined configurations and gathering valuable insights into your fleet. Last but not least, the SaaS solution itself is built with maximum security in mind, freeing you from the burden of operating such a service.

IoT device security is a topic that mandates a lot of experience both with regards to securing the edge hardware but also the infrastructure to operate those. qbee will help you with pre-defined automations in a simple UI to manage passwords and ssh keys and much more.

When the Linux security hardening part is concluded you can use the secure VPN to have remote access or you can disbale this if your customers do not want a VPN functionality.  

Our integrated CVE vulnerability scan identifies any problems with your libraries, while our extensive software inventory allows you to quickly see which package versions are deployed and which edge devices need additional Linux security hardening. And with OTA updates for software or OS packages, you can update large fleets of devices in near real-time or define an appropriate update window. Trust qbee to help you secure your IoT deployments and ensure compliance with industry standards.

How to benefit from Linux hardening?

Save Time

Ui based security configuration functions. Quickly configure your infrastructure to have good IoT device security.

Save Costs

Use the embedded security competence of our platform and our team.

Act Proactively

Immediately understand when libraries need to be updated or passwords or keys need to be replaced. Identify open ports.

Comply with requirements

Turn off your VPN if a customer does not want to have VPN connections into a premise.

Gain Insight

Get a lot of information about your IoT fleet deployment and its current state of health.

Audit logs

See who has done what changes or has used remote access. Get a full audit trail across your team and all changes.

Proven by customers worldwide in different industries.

What our clients say about us

Maciej Plebanski

Fast and secure

qbee made it very easy to get started with device management and now we are managing our complete fleet of robots. We are continuously improving and updating our Kogena platform and qbee helps us to do this in a fast and secure way.


Maciej Plebanski

CEO at Kogena

Hermann Berg

Easy to implement

We use in an MLOps project and appreciate both the simple device management part as well as the automated continued deployment of new and improved machine learning models.



Hermann Berg

Head of IIot AT Moxa

Krzysztof Dec

Designed for usability

The implementation of the qbee platform made management of the shop floor devices simple and easy to follow. In the long term, this will enable us to hand over the system developed by our team to the IT department in a much more orderly manner.


Krzysztof Dec


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