Kickstart your embedded Linux deployment
with automation and remote access brings remote access and device automation
to industrial IoT deployments.

Linux Automation

qbee is a SaaS enterprise Linux automation platform that is especially optimized for secure embedded device management and distributed deployment of large device fleets. Besides device automation it also solves the challenge of secure remote access.

A dashboard gives a full system overview with location and device status. All Linux automation tasks and deployed configurations can easily be monitored, even in an audit module

qbee offers a wide range of features making it the swiss army knife of IoT and it helps you to kickstart your industrial IoT deployment. Detailed dashboard features allow a simple distributed deployment.


Remote Access has a full VPN solution for remote access included. This means that the virtual private network is part of the device management solution and the user does not need to setup or operate the VPN or keep track of IP addresses. Securely access remote devices via ssh (also through web UI), VNC or securely connect to any web server on your embedded devices via http or https. This works in less than 5 minutes, just enroll in our free trial.

Access any distributed port through any firewall, NAT or mobile network with our secure remote access solution utilizing a secure virtual private network. Any remote port can be mapped to your local machine via our qbee-connect desktop application available for Linux, macOS and Windows. With remote access you can securely control your distributed Node-Red or Scada web-server. But you can also establish a remote desktop connection using realVNC or any other ssh based tool. In addition, the virtual private network can be dynamically enabled or disabled on device level allowing an on-demand VPN for increased security.


Monitoring Metrics and State Information

qbee provides detailed system metrics such as CPU utilization, memory, load average, storage, consumed bandwidth and much more. This allows you to monitor distributed system performance and to pro-actively identify potential problems on the distributed edge devices such as log file creeping or memory leaks. In addition, qbee will monitor your device fleets' online status and will notify you if deviations occur. provides complete disk metrics for each mount. This prevents that a growing log or dump file causes your device to crash or to wear out your flash. The Linux automation engine also collects configuration state information such as installed Linux packages, available Debian package updates, port analysis, and running processes as well as bandwidth consumption.


Security & System Audit

With you increase security and minimize attack vectors.

We run password and user analysis as well as open port detection. In addition, we provide Linux automation functions for firewall management, ssh key rotation and much more. Through a continuous full CVE vulnerability scan of all libraries and Debian packages you will be automatically informed if new vulnerabilities are detected. All configuration changes are logged into an audit log. This audit function documents any changes in the system as well as which devices are impacted preparing you for new IoT regulations with added security focus. Vulnerable libraries can be replaced with our OTA software and package update functionality.

CVE security scan of Linux packages

Linux Device Automation is a SaaS pull-based distributed device automation and management solution that can deploy configuration and OTA software updates to large fleets of distributed embedded edge devices. Select device, group or fleet level roll-outs.

We support configuration for NTP servers, management and rotation of SSH keys, users, process watch, software installation, patch installation, firewall setup and management, file distribution and templating. Another key area is remote OTA software update and package management. Our agent is constantly monitoring all configurations and will automatically initiate corrective actions if a deviation is detected. We also support the usage of Ansible playbooks, automated Docker deployments, and continuous integration / continuous delivery CI/CD through Github.

Distributed Linux device automation

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We recommend testing on a Raspberry Pi (RPI), odroid , Beagleboard or any other 32 or 64-bit debian based Linux. qbee runs just as well on regular x86 systems or in virtual machines. We have Yocto packages available and can cross-compile to any Linux flavour on demand.

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