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IoT Device Monitoring

Monitoring IoT devices is all about creating valuable insights into large fleets of edge devices. It is important to gather actionable data about the state of the hardware, the software and the applied configuration. qbee offers a comprehensive IoT device monitoring collecting all relevant metrics as well as inventories about installed software, port utilization, docker container status, connectivity, operational status and much more. Our analysis tools can be used to find memory leaks, stalling processes or network inconsistencies.

iot device monitoring

Monitoring Features

Metric data

30 days of metric data allows a simple UI based analysis of performance issues or memory leaks.

Software inventory

IoT device monitoring needs to include software libaries. qbee maps all installed libraries, version and CVE status.

CVE vulnerabilities

Continuously analyze all libraries against the NIST CVE database and be informed about CVE vulnerabilities.

Users & passwords

Full overview over all users on your devices as well as password type and age. Prevent forgotten standard users.


In IoT device monitoring it is important to analyze logs. Our comprehensive log tool allows to detect deviations of all kinds.


Get an extensive inventory of all internal and external ports and make sure that no port is left open unintentionally.

Operational information

Which device rebooted last? Do I have connectivity? Is there enough disk space on the edge logger? Replace guessing!


See a detailed view of your bandwidth consumption, both incoming and outgoing. Analyze each interface.

Docker container monitoring

Receive detailed information about your deployed docker containers including status, version and much more.

When monitoring IoT devices it is important to have a comprehensive approach. Traditionally, metric monitoring has received a lot of focus, but we believe that software inventories, log inventories and operational intelligence is just as important.

IoT device monitoring reveals a lot about the health and operational status of any industry 4.0 deployment. Due to different system utilizations or other circumstances parameters such as disk space or CPU load can vary widely. qbee’s metric parameter monitoring will help to proactively identify problems and solve those.

But monitoring IoT devices does not have to stop there. By extending the focus to identifying which libraries are deployed and in which version this allows to gain the insight necessary to make changes when needed. This is also supported by a continuous CVE analysis.

Believe it or not, but still today devices are accidentally deployed with standard password or support user. Alternatively, forgetting to close an ssh port after some manual maintenance is also quickly done. All these problems are uncovered by qbee’s IoT device monitoring. We give you the insight you need to make the right decisions and operate your IoT fleet according to the SLA you have promised your customer.

How to benefit from IoT device monitoring?

Save Time

All relevant metrics and information available in one easy to use system. Get a comprehensive system status now.

Save Costs

Monitoring IoT devices does not have to be expensive. All is included in the qbee device management solution.

Increase Security

Monitor open ports, password age or type or vulnerable libraries. qbee offers IoT device monitoring with a focus on security.

Act Proactively

Identify memory leaks or capacity issues proactively and act before issues impact your system's functionality.

Keep SLAs

Keep your SLAs by discovering issues that might impact your service operations. With premium you can also use qbee with SLA.


Use our REST API to retrieve any type of monitoring information and make this available to 3rd party systems.

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