Inventory reports

Collect remote inventory reports:

Remote edge device inventory collection allows to understand, analyze and report open ports, system users, password types (insecure MD5 or sha-512), or even how old passwords are. In addition, you will get a full overview over all software libraries that are installed. A new feature is the container inventory giving you a detailed overview over which docker containers that are running, the version and even the start command. The data is collected from the remote edge devices and is transferred with a focus on low bandwidth consumption. The type of inventory that is collected can be defined in the settings menu in configuration. It is possible to select this very granularly to save bandwidth when on a metered mobile connection.

qbee allows to display a lot of inventory reports. These can be users, ports, software, processes but also docker container. Please see some examples below:

Port inventoryUser inventory
!dev-ports{: .center width=1000 height=840 loading=lazy!dev-users
Software inventoryProcess inventory

If there are any newer libraries are available in the repository these will be displayed in the software tab. This is useful to check if updates might remedy flagged CVE problems. CVE problems can be filtered by clicking on CVE only. This displays all libraries with CVE annotations:


If you work with docker containers we collect also information about these:

Docker containerDocker container details
Docker imagesDocker networks