Inventory reports

Collect remote inventory reports:

Remote edge device inventory collection allows to understand, analyze and report open ports, system users, password types (insecure MD5 or sha-512), or even how old passwords are. The data is collected from the remote edge devices and is transferred with a focus on low bandwidth consumption. The type of inventory that is collected can be defined in the settings menu in configuration. It is possible to select this very granularly to save bandwidth when on a metered mobile connection. gathers an inventory of all libraries that are present on the embedded device. This helps to keep track of dependencies and different versions. If necessary, the system can also show the most active processes through a "top" type of representation. This runs only once per update interval. Inventory is accessible through "Devices" and there from the "Inventory" tab. Inventory information has a time stamp when it was last updated. Updates only happen when changes have occured. So an older software library time might indicate that no new libraries have been installed / updated since then.

qbee fetches a list of new packages from the remote repository once every 24 hours. Any new package version available will be shown in the package list.

The package inventory is a very convenient tool to work with. You can easily see if there are updates for lirbaries with CVE vulnerabilities and which version that is. Working active with ports allows you to achieve the type of security that your edge devices need. We recommend to have all ports closed from the outside and do all access through the qbee remote access VPN.

Another important feature shows all users on the devices. Especially when using a heterogeneous device base the remote inventory collection often shows that support or demo user accounts have been forgotten. Please remove all user accounts that are not needed to improve security.


Process information can be enabled in settings but will create more bandwidth demands. Please use with care when on a mobile connection.





If there are any newer libraries are available in the repository these will be displayed here. This is useful to check if updates might remedy flagged CVE problems.

Different versions of libraries on edge devices can also be compared in the analysis menu. Here you can select which group of devices or which specific devices you want to compare against each other in terms of package version, open ports, users and much more.