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Device Management for Beagleboard with RISC-V Architecture

Beagleboard has released a very interesting product. It is a RISC-V 64bit powered board with full FPGA capability. The name is BeagleV-Fire. The team here at is very interested in different SBCs and architectures, so it did not take long before one of those devices arrived here in the lab.

BeagleV-Fire powered board

The next two natural questions for us are: 

  • Does it power up?
  • Does it run the qbee agent?  


Well, the first answer is yes and the second answer is:

					$ git clone
$ cd qbee-agent
$ GOARCH=riscv64 go build -o bin/qbee-agent-riscv64 .
$ file qbee-agent-riscv64 
qbee-agent-riscv64: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, UCB RISC-V, double-float ABI, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, Go BuildID=YO6DCWy18j7Fom1jLzRb/XBdbCrJPZgzgRhyX-C-x/9fPlaFOfwWJcBP3oxNDC/Ak8EqPavHSIagh9xNsh3, with debug_info, not stripped

Building the qbee agent for the target RISC-V 64 bit compiles a working version of the qbee agent for the Beagleboard BeagleV-Fire. Out of the box! So the second answer is yes as well.

This shows how easy it is to build qbee for any chip architecture. Testing this further reveals that all functionality works, including the qbee remote access capabilities. Now our team can explore this very interesting product further remotely updating software or getting remote access through the command line.  

So no matter what architecture your device has, just give qbee a try. We have a free version and run also on all the other Beagleboards.

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