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Update Fleets of Robots efficiently

Start your robot project by selecting our market leading robot management software and manage and update your Linux, ROS2 and any other software you are running on the edge. Use CI/CD to continuously improve your edge AI capabilities on the growing fleet.

Is your Robot Smart? Then Manage it Smartly!

Save time, costs and downtime by selecting a proven robotic fleet management software.

Save Time

Create a configuration for your first robot and simply clone that. Move from prototype to field test to mass production in no time. No development needed.

Increase Security

Software updates and patching is crucial to improve your robot fleet security. Use our CVE analysis and inventory monitoring to proactively analyse problems.

Use our Integrated Repository

Most of our customers use Linux, ROS2 and potentially docker repositories. The qbee file manager allows to easily add own packages, binaries or urgent patches. It can also be used to integrate systems like Github, Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI, GitLab CI etc. for CI/CD.

Save Costs

We provide a fully hosted and secure platform managing all the updating, patching and configuration in addition to giving you secure remote access.

Full VPN included

Out-of-the-box VPN that allows ssh shell access as well as mapping any other service or port to map to your local machine. With end-to-end security.

Robots are Different

Robots are different to most other IoT devices. They get send around the world, are often offline for large amounts of time and operate in adversary conditions. This needs to be reflected in the management tools. Our state based agent has self-healing capabilities and works over cellular.

Any Linux, any Hardware, no lock-in

Kilter Rapidly Improves AI Software

One of the many robot customers is Kilter. They have an advanced agricultural robot that uses the latest image recognition technologies to separate weed from crops. Powered by rapid software updates through qbee new AI features are constantly being pushed to the whole fleet. For debugging purposes the integrated VPN is used. Read the case study here.

Robot Fleet Management Features

Library updates

IoT OTA updates of system libraries from Linux or ROS2 repositories. Update all or specific libraries and versions.

Software updates

Update any type of software as debian package, binary or docker container. Run post commands.


Use scripts to determine pre-conditions for IoT software update. Don’t update while your robot works.

File manager

Store scripts or application software directly in the qbee file manager. It works as an overlay repository,

Docker container orchestration

Orchestrate containers on embedded devices with the Docker configuration or through docker compose.


With the REST API you can interact with any other third party system. Also used for CI/CD with Jenkins, Travis or Gitlab.

Software inventory

Get an overview over all installed libraries.  Learn what version is in use and if there are updates.

CVE check

Our continuous CVE check will inform you about new vulnerabilities and give you additional information to analyse.


Continuous Integration / continuous deployment is getting extremely popular amongst robot companies.

Focus on your Product - Let us Provide the Robot Management Platform

If your companies is good at developing maritime, agricultural, logistics or industrial robots you will focus a lot on rapid product innovation. But do you have a system administrator or a DevOps resource on board that in addition has a thorough understanding of the security implications of managing distributed robot fleets? qbee has you covered and acts as your system administrator by operating all the heavy cloud infrastructure and making sure that everything is properly secured.  
Many customers ask us why we don’t provide data visualization. Well, we do have system metrics, but from experience we know that we will never be able to visualize your data in a way that keeps you happy. So we rather help you to install the cloud connector and send data that way.

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An end-to-end IoT Management Solution

With qbee

  • IoT device management
  • Remote access
  • A/B image updates
  • Open Source agent
  • CVE vulnerability analysis
  • Github integration - CI / CD
  • Metrics & inventory
  • Fully UI based & REST API
  • No development needed
  • Docker container management

With others

  • IoT device management
  • Remote access
  • A/B image updates
  • Open Source agent
  • CVE vulnerability analysis
  • Github integration - CI / CD
  • Metrics & inventory
  • Fully UI based & REST API
  • No development needed
  • Docker container management

Ready to stop struggling with Robot Fleet Management?

Robot Fleet Management is not for the faint hearted. Tough environments, EMC and mechanical disturbances meet patchy cellular networks and low battery charges. qbee has proven with many customer cases that we understand and solve your challenges.

Increase security
Save time and costs
Lean and scalable
Use qbee repo