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qbee and Dimension Four announce strategic partnership

Oslo, Norway and Skien, Norway – June 14, 2022

qbee AS today announced a strategic partnership with Dimension Four, a software technology company offering a high-performance, scalable, Internet of Things (IoT) API. Dimension Four is an innovative cloud based IoT platform based on a blazingly fast GraphQL engine. Together, the companies provide a powerful solution for IoT, unlocking and harnessing the power of industrial data. An integration has been developed and a fully fledged solution will be demoed at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, from 21. – 23. of June at booth 3A-225.

Unlocking and harnessing the power of industrial data

The internet of things and the associated digital transformation is sweeping through all commercial and industrial processes. In order to maintain competitiveness all processes need to be optimized. This usually mandates that enough data is available to base decisions on. Gathering and making this data easily available is usually the first step in every IoT or industry 4.0 project, but on this part, the highest hurdles are still to be found. At this junction information technology (IT) meets operational technology (OT) and we see many gaps in advanced digital transformation projects. This is why Dimension Four and qbee join forces, showcasing how seamless and fast it is possible to retrieve data and making it accessible in an API. In order to exemplify this we automate the full deployment and configuration of a Modbus gateway that sends industrial sensor data to the Dimension Four API, and with that, data becomes unlocked and made readily available for visualization or further analysis, for example through machine learning. At the upcoming event Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, a live demo of this solution will be shown.

In essence, companies get complete automated control and configuration of their Linux devices with the qbee platform, and in conjunction with a seamless integration with the Dimension Four IoT platform, the set-up further solves your data ingestion, storage and retrieval, having your agnostic IoT pipeline set up in no time.

“Capturing data is the first step on the way to a value creation process in digital transformation projects. But most of the value is coming from analyzing data and extracting meaningful insight that is actionable. In order to do this efficiently the data needs to be universally available from many different backend systems. However, if this data is not curated and accessible in a smart and innovative way a lot of time is spent in doing the same work over and over again or the data will just not be used,” said Carsten Lehbrink, CEO and Founder at qbee. “Dimension Four has a unique value proposition through their IoT platform that not only allows extremely simple access by API an but also takes the pain out of structuring and curating the data.”

“While data is reckoned to be the new fuel for our industry going forward, there is still a challenge in retrieving sensor data and making it available for further data analysis. With the partnership with qbee we are taking yet another step on bridging this gap,” said Morten Steinvåg, Chief Commercial Officer at Dimension Four. “We believe qbee’s solution has unique positioning in the market, in particular in regards to embedded Linux devices, in a time where Linux is increasingly being used in industrial environments. A strong asset is also their take on security with their CVE vulnerability analysis. We look forward to working closely together with the team at qbee on our quest to unlock and harness the power of industrial data.”

“When developing products running embedded Linux, you will often find yourself physically accessing the device. That’s great when the devices are in a nice lab close by or somewhere on an exotic beach. But more often than not, you get tired of it and start implementing secure remote control, automation and clever configurations. That can be good fun, but it doesn’t add one bit to completing the task you were working on in the first place,” said Audun Ask Blaker, Head of Engineering at Dimension Four.  “qbee solves all of these issues and frees time up to work on solving the actual business problem from day one. If you like the ease of creating a new VPN in the cloud and just SSH’ing, you will love what qbee can do with your devices, and for your company.”

About Dimension Four

Dimension Four offers an agnostic cloud-based platform to simplify IoT complexity enabling enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and IoT journey, while providing a central source for data collection. The company’s end-to-end platform is built with developer experience in mind based on a powerful, flexible and blazing fast GraphQL API. Dimension Four is part of the New Normal Group, a software group with extensive experience in establishing and scaling software companies for exponential growth.  | |

About qbee

qbee is a Norwegian software company delivering a SaaS device management solution for Linux and embedded Linux. This solution is used for various IoT and industry 4.0 projects. It features remote fleet management, over-the-air (OTA) software and application updates, monitoring  as well as remote access through the built-in VPN. is simple, scalable and secure. This allows our customers to accelerate the time to market and immediately roll out their IoT project in a secure and predictable manner.  |

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