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Embedded Linux remote file access

Especially in the beginning of an IIoT project a lot of things are done manually. These often demand remote file access to an embedded Linux edge device that might be anywhere in the world behind a firewall. A typical example is a log file analysis to check if the newly developed application and the device behaves correctly. Here qbee can provide a very convenient way of helping you out with this. Just use qbee-connect in conjunction with an SFTP tool like WinSCP or Cyberduck and download or upload files as if you sit right in front of the device.

The way this works is that qbee has a built-in VPN solution. This allows to run any compatible technique over ssh. Thus all the different file system tools such as SFTP, rsync, sshfs and many others are supported for remote file access. This gives you a much better flexibility than using any other VPN solution like Teamviewer IoT. In addition, this let’s you also run your native shell if you prefer remote file access and operations from the command line.

Please see our short video demo:


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