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IoT Management Platform Releases Next-Gen Agent V2! elevates IoT device management with the launch of its next-gen agent Version 2!
Over the last five years, we’ve been keen listeners, understanding and adapting to how our clients use qbee. This feedback shaped our first-generation agent, but innovation never stops. Introducing Agent Version 2—a refined, backwards compatible IoT device management agent. In addition, this version of the agent is released as Open Source under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Built upon the foundational pull-based design that characterized qbee’s success, our team took a fresh look at its architecture. The new agent promises enhanced performance, greater scalability, and enriched features. After rigorous validation, Agent Version 2 is ready for deployment, and we recommend our new users to capitalize on its benefits. For our current users, worry not: Agent Version 1 will continue with long term support (LTS) ensuring its consistent performance and security.

This revamped architecture accentuates the agent’s adaptability, doing away with previous external dependencies. Moreover, it’s geared to collaborate seamlessly with our soon-to-be-revealed redesigned connectivity solution.
This release marks a refined direction for qbee, hinting at our aspirations to explore diverse platforms and introduce a more modular approach to device management.
Our goal remains consistent: to deliver tangible value to businesses in the IoT domain. By focusing on automation and configuration management, we aim for efficient and stable operations across IoT device networks. With the industry’s evident tilt towards DevOps and CI/CD for quicker innovations, qbee is ready with our modern agent design and a simplified API for third-party collaborations.

Join us in shaping the next chapter of IoT excellence!

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