Industry 4.0 and the VPN question – security risk or valuable tool?

This blog post discusses advantages and disadvantages of VPN access in a industry 4.0 setting. Is VPN a security risk or a valuable tool?

Using efficiently – remote file access and automated deployment

Some tips and tricks how to use qbee efficiently. Learn how to access remote files across firewalls and create advanced automation solutions.

We now have 31 billion IoT devices connected – How can we stay in control?

How can we stay in control of this ever increasing amount of IoT devices and keep them secure, updated and connected?

The IoT Security Challenge and Regulatory Responses

IoT security is a highly relevant topic and a lot of challenges are associated with this. Regulators start to create a response to this.

Electricity monitoring: Modbus, Node-Red and Schneider PowerTag

Electricity monitoring with Modbus, Node-RED and Schneider PowerTag. The full stack is automated with qbee device management.

IoT Mega Trends: An Analysis

IoT megatrends and how they impact the security landscape for industrial 4.0 applications as well as home IoT

What does a typical embedded project look like?

What does a typical embedded development project and team look like. We look at numbers, focus areas and what is trending.

Smart buildings with remote device management

A use case study how remote device management helps to monitor & operate smart buildings more efficiently and environmentally friendly.