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Qbee AS joins industry 4.0 initiative

Accelerating the digital transformation within Industry 4.0

qbee AS is proud to be a part of the German industry 4.0 initiative Marktplatz I4.0 e.V. This initiative has the aim to accelerate the industrial digital transformation by bringing small and medium size companies together. Through a collaborative effort and best practice exchange new solutions are developed and market trends and technologies are shared. This enables member companies to quickly release new solutions to the market as well as getting in touch with industrial companies that have identified areas in which industry 4.0 will create added value. With its unique industrial embedded Linux device management technology qbee AS is a key building block in many industrial applications.

Adding value through embedded Linux device management & remote access

The key values that qbee adds to any industry 4.0 project are:

  • hosted remote device and fleet management without development
  • remote device access for any embedded Linux device through its hosted VPN service
  • a quick time to value with the possibility to immediately deploy our egde device management technology
  • a way to operate fleets of embedded Linux devices that contain both new and legacy devices
  • vendor agnostic approach to embedded Linux device management

Industrial innovation through collaboration with partners

More specific embedded edge device management features can be found in the link. We are looking forward to advance new projects by providing cost efficient remote access and embedded device management to new industry 4.0 projects. We are also looking forward to share and discuss industry insights and market trends. From our previous experiences it is often a key success criterion to get the right vendors to the table and create a flexible and modular architecture. High quality work package deliveries and competent project management enable successful IoT projects. We believe that together with our partner companies from Marktplatz I4.0 e.V. we can accelerate the digital transformation both on the shop floor, in smart city or in smart building projects. One of the other partner companies in this initiative is our trusted hardware partner SYS TEC electronic AG and we are looking forward to the next projects.

If you have any additional questions with regards to Marktplatz I4.0 e.V. or our embedded device management technology please do not hesitate to reach out to the initiative through their webpage or to us in qbee AS.

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