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Einfach starten
$ 119
pro Monat, 20 Geräte inkl.
begrenzt bis 20 Geräte
  • Paketmanagement
  • OTA Software Updates
  • Fernzugriff & Kontrolle
  • Gerätedatenerfassung
  • Konfiguration & Templating
  • Volles VPN
  • qbee-connect application
  • 2 users
  • 20 Geräte Limit
  • Standard Support


Premium Support
$ 719
pro Monat, 20 Geräte inkl.
zusätzliche Geräte € 0.3
zusätzliche Geräte $ 0.36
  • Paketmanagement
  • OTA Software Updates
  • Fernzugriff & Kontrolle
  • Gerätedatenerfassung
  • Konfiguration & Templating
  • Volles VPN
  • qbee-connect application
  • 25 users
  • unbegrenzte Geräte
  • Premium Support / SLA
  • Accountmanager

Zusätzliche Geräte € 0.4 / $ 0.48 pro Gerät pro Monat.
Bitte stellen Sie eine Anfrage für Flottenmanagement über 500 Geräte.
Standard Support ist ein "Best Effort" Support. Premium Support beinhaltet 2 Stunden Antwortzeit während der Geschäftszeiten, Problemlösung über Telefon und ein definiertes SLA wie unten beschrieben.

10% Rabatt für eine jährliche Bezahlung.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no binding. Support is payed for the upcoming month. The number of devices is counted at the end of each month and billed with the next month's support. If the service is cancelled only the device costs for the current month get billed. We do not refund support for the period between cancellation and when the support period runs out.

There is an option to commit for one year of service and receive a 10% discount.
This is a pricing example for tier "value":

We assume 500 devices. The monthly pricing will then be:

  • Value tier = € 299,- per month
  • 500 devices = 500 x € 0.4 = € 200,- per month
The total price per month is then € 499,-. If the contract is signed for a year a 10% discount is given which results in € 5389,2,- or ca. € 449,1,- per month.

If the number of devices is not fixed we charge support on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month and count the number of devices registered on the last day of the previous month. So on the 1st of February we charge support for February and number of devices for January.
If you have more than 500 devices we can give you a volume discount. Please reach out and ask us. We can also increase the specific limitations if you need more bandwidth or more users.
Our system is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Additional help is available in the documentation.

However, if you lack the resources or skills to get your system setup properly we can help with consulting services. Please reach out and we will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.
We can offer a white-labeling option. There you can upload your own logo and colour scheme. Additional customization is also possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss this and the level of white-labeling you want. offers a multitude of features to setup, manage, automate, secure and access embedded devices. This saves our customers from:

  • extended development time
  • long term maintenance obligations
  • security concerns
  • skill shortage
In essence we accelerate the time to market for our customers while saving cost and increasing security at the same time. Thus our customers can focus on their key area of business and value creation which usually is the application running on the device. enables a high ROI (return on investment), fast time to value and low lifecycle costs for any IoT edge device deplyment. is the perfect platform for any device management task or if you need simple remote access. The solution works just as well for embedded Linux as for regular servers or even desktop machines. We support you in a multitude of tasks that need to be done to manage IoT infrastructure in a save and consistent way. Our pricing is developed to allow inexpensive fleet management no matter if we are talking about a few devices or large fleets. Typical customers are:

  • Device manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Application developers
  • Engineering companies
  • Schools & Universities
  • Anybody wanting to get a head start
With you have the perfect tool to handle all of your device management or remote access needs while not compromising on ease of use or security. Accelerate time to market, focus on your area of value creation and prevent to get caught up in needing to maintain badly designed homegrown solutions that are more costly to maintain over the lifetime even if they might come with no price tag in the beginning.
The qbee agent is designed to be extremely flexible supporting all different kinds of Linux. In addition we also have a Yocto package available. An ideal test platform is a Raspberry Pi or a Ubuntu virtual machine. If your Linux does not work out of the box we can specifically cross compile for that platform. Please reach out to us and we can discuss your project.