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Ready – Steady – Go: A complete IoT platform in Go

At qbee we enable the IoT revolution and green shift to net zero by democratizing access to IoT device management for any team or project. Our mission is to allow users to manage fleets of IoT devices in a simple, secure and consistent manner. When we looked for the tools to help us achieve this mission, we’ve decided that Go will be the right programming language to develop the reliable, secure and efficient platform we are today.


Go’s simplicity is one of its core attributes. Its syntax is clean and straightforward, eliminating unnecessary complexity and enhancing code readability. This allows us to focus more on developing the platform and less on navigating convoluted language constructs, ultimately resulting in a more productive and efficient development process. The resulting codebase has a low barrier of entry, and its maintenance is a breeze.

Batteries Included

The majority of development work is done using just Go, Its standard library, and tooling – from developing powerful concurrent data processors and production-grade API servers to writing internal test frameworks and emulators. With tools like gofmt or godoc, we don’t spend time discussing subjective matters, but rather focus on providing value with a good level of confidence and consistency. Last, but not least, we reduce the impact of supply chain attacks by not having to rely on many 3rd party libraries.


Building a platform with online services, client binaries, and support tooling can get complex. With Go, we are able to rapidly build all components of our system, test them, and cross-compile builds for different architectures in no time. The development process becomes easy, reliable, and fast, allowing us to iterate very quickly on our ideas and make them available to our users. It impacts not only the developers but also enables wins for the business and the planet. We were able to switch, with very minimal effort, from x86-64 architecture for running our workloads in AWS to the use of the Graviton ARM-based solutions, resulting in 20% lower instance costs and a reduction in power consumption required to operate the platform.

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